Our Process

How do we deliver our accounting service to you?




First you need to sign up to our different accounting packages. Please get in touch and we can talk through the different packages, provide a quote and answer any questions that you may have.


Contract & SLA

We agree a ‘Service Level Agreement’ through which we are clear on expectations and we have clear responsibilities assigned to both parties. We typically work on 12 months rolling contract basis.


Systems Training

We conduct a training session with the users of the system and provide an overview of how we require and guide about each step that is required.


Go Live

We define a go-live date, which is usually at the start of your financial year start date and then work towards making sure everything is ready for you to go live with us.


Recording your Sales

We have two ways to capture your sales, this could be

  1. Through an API of your EPOS system to our accounting system
  2. A dedicated excel model designed for Restaurant industry to summarise your sales on daily basis by your ‘Till supervisors’ at the end of the day of cashing up.

Recording your Expenses

You send us your daily business expenditure invoices and receipts through a platform call ‘Receipt Bank’. It has an app for taking photos, a web portal for scanning the invoices or a dedicated email address for your business to send your invoices.


Publishing your 1st monthly Management Accounts

Once we have taken all the necessary data for your sales and expenses, we then process that in the accounting system. After we’re happy with all the information, we start preparing your management accounts and these are finalised usually from 6th to 10th working day after the month-end.


Paying your suppliers

We do a monthly supplier payment run for you and send you payment suggestions based on the trading terms, you can either pay them yourselves or we can setup those payments for you through your bank.


Monthly Reconciliations

After your payments are done, we take care of reconciling your books on monthly basis and ensure all looks good.


Business Review

Depending upon your package, we then have a monthly or quarterly business review with you to discuss how your business has performed in that performed. We also advise you how your future projections are looking and what can you do to achieve your annual targets.